Monday to Friday 8:30 am Torah Class

Sunday to Thursday 8:30 pm Inspiration from the Rebbe


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Classes Schedule: 

Ben Ish Chai

Parsha, Kabbalah & Halacha in a unique mix.

MONDAY at 8:30 am


Prayer Workshop

Master the Siddur with contemporary and practical explanations.

TUESDAY at 8:30 am


Talmud in Depth

TUESDAY 9:15 am

Contact rabbi for location / login details


Kabbalah Class

TUESDAY at 8:00 pm


Midrash: the Unbelievable Stories of the Torah

Learn a Midrash of the weekly Parsha with the unique interpretations of the Rebbe.

WEDNESDAY at 8:30 am


JLI Torah Studies

WEDNESDAY at 8:00 pm

Register HERE for location 


Chasidic Philosophy, a Maamar

THURSDAY at 8:30 am

Torah Ohr, The Light of Torah

Prepare for Shabbat and arrive with a new perspective!
Learn the weekly Parsha in depth with the commentary of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

FRIDAY at 8:30 am