• Our Police force is going thru a difficult time, Chabad Carmel Valley delivered to each one of our 1834 Police officers a personal letter and a cake to show our love and support.

    Because it was so well recived we continue with this program, please take a few minutes to write a message, participate and share.

    Thank you,

    Blessings with a Love & a Smile

    Rabbi Mendel & Dini Polichenco

    Chair Person Leah Golembesky

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  • Dear Police Officer,

    "Can you fight?" Dr. Charles W.Elliot. president of Harvard University, once asked a young professor who had come to him with a disconcerting problem.
    - Yes, the man replied.
    - Can you fight when you are in the minority?
    - I have done so occasionally.
    -Can you fight when everybody is against you, when not one person is ready to lend you support?
    - I'm ready to try if necessary.
    Then you need have no fear. But if you have convictions, it will sometimes be necessary to do no less.

    Thank God you are not alone, you have the support, appreciation, and love of the Jewish Community. At Chabad Carmel Valley we pray daily for you, we teach our children that you are our heroes, the importance that the Bible gives to policemen and how society depends on you for order.

    A young girl walked boldly up to a concert pianist after a long performance and standing ovation, she asked:
    - Can I please have an autograph?
    - No, dear, my hands are extremely tired from playing.
    - And my hands are tired too, she beamed.
    - They're tired from applauding.
    She got his autograph with a smile.

    The silent majority supports our police, we want to change that, we want people in the US to proudly and loudly support our officers. We are committed to applaud and honor you for the great sacrifices that you make to protect our city.
    We will not rest until the prophecy of Zechariah is fulfilled "and the spirit of evil I will remove from the earth" when the police force will not have to fight evil but focus all their energy on educating and doing good.

    Blessings with a smile

    Rabbi Mendel Polichenco
    Chabad Carmel Valley
    Judaism with Joy!

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